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About Me

Like most of us, I sometimes require feats of endurance of myself that  I would not expect of others.  Fortunately, it gives me pause  knowing my body and mind are not separate. This has been known by science for decades. Our bodies and minds are intelligent and innately strive toward safety and balance. 

It is particularly noticeable in children that behavior is not random. It is their way of letting us know something needs to change if they are to thrive.  This developmental viewpoint presented itself organically to me during my 16 years as a School social Worker . We are very sophisticated children, better skilled as masking our struggles but routinely stuck at points along the way. 

In everyone's life, pain and loss arise.  But we need only turn to the studies o f Adverse Child Experiences to know that there is a connection between what experience in early life and how much suffering we encounter as time goes on.


Licensed Clinical Social Worker, License # 149012912, State of Illinois, 2008 

School Social Work, Type 73, Illinois Department of Education & member Special Education Team, Lake Villa School District, IL.  1997-2013 

Child Specialist, Collaborative Divorce Illinois 2014-2018,  & Family Mediator, vetted by Lake County Courts 2015-2020

Collaborative Problem Solving, Dr. Ross W. Greene, 2015

Social Thinking Presenter, Social Thinking Conference, 2015

Nurtured Heart Approach Certification, 2002 

Simplicity Parenting and STEP Training for Parents, (2011 & 1998) 

  • "More people need to know about Family Mediation. It saved us a great deal of money and time."
    P. W Grayslake,Il.
  • "Everything we have done in the sessions helped me find a calmer way of managing my frustration with retirement."
    H.S., Antioch, Il.
  • "Not getting to see school friends due to COVID made my moods go up and down. Mainly down. Thanks for the all the tools you have taught me. I am less sad and more optimistic."
    W.C. Lake Forest, Il.
  • "You are knowledgeable and caring. I was helped by the plan we made to lessen my emotional issues. I feel like I know what to do the next time."
    S.D, Libertyville, Il.
  • "I thought I could handle my Crohn’s disease without extra help but discovered my fear had started to hurt my family. Thanks for helping us start to talk about it."
    R.A. Libertyville, Il.
  • "I know now what to do when I get close to a panic attack. I am learning to be kind to myself. A big job. Thanks"
    H. U. Lake Zurich, Il.
  • "Thanks for the referral you gave me to ****. Not all Divorce attorneys are so willing to avoid unnecessary delay and expense."
    P. S. Grayslake, Il





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