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Intimate Relationships

"We are live in the shelter of each other" Irish saying

Our joys and our hurts are embedded in family. Since 1996 I have had the privilege  of working with hundreds of families in ways known to be effective. Here I share several processes that give us a structure in which to work confidently to achieve your goals. 


Discernment Counseling  (Hybrid) 

As defined by Dr. William Doherty, Founder and life-time Marriage and Family Psychologist, Discernment counseling is a process for couples to decide if they want to work more intensively on their marriage or if they believe divorce is the best option for them. Discernment counseling is a time-limited process(1-5 sessions). 

I have found this process to bring such clarity to couples, with such efficiency that I use it for all couples with mixed agendas. By mixed agendas I mean that one partner is more emotionally invested in the marriage (or partnership) than the other.   I can not promise it will be easy, but I can promise it will have a clear ending after no more than 5 sessions. It can be preventive of divorce. Like tune-ups for cars prevent total break down. :) 

For more information about Discernment Counseling go to the Cielsa Beeler Website in which I am consulted on the process.

For more about Discernment counseling click here. (Northwestern Family Institute) 





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