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Intimate Relationships

"We are live in the shelter of each other" Irish saying

Our joys and our hurts are embedded in family. Since 1996 I have had the privilege  of working with hundreds of families in ways known to be effective. Here I share several processes that give us a structure in which to work confidently to achieve your goals. 


Discernment Counseling  (Hybrid) 

As defined by Dr. William Doherty, Founder and life-time Marriage and Family Psychologist, Discernment counseling is a process for couples to decide if they want to work more intensively on their marriage or if they believe divorce is the best option for them. Discernment counseling is a time-limited process(1-5 sessions). The model has both the strength of weekly individual work with each partner AND the heightened focus a time limit brings to any process. 

I have found this process to bring such clarity to couples, with such efficiency that I use it for all couples with mixed agendas. By mixed agendas I mean that one partner is more emotionally invested in the marriage (or partnership) than the other.  I can not promise it will be easy, but I can promise it will have a clear ending after no more than 5 sessions. It can be preventive of divorce. Like tune-ups for cars prevent total break down. :)  The intent of the process is to provide a clarifying interval for couples to consider what the end of their marriage would mean. Yet also to look realistically at the effort it will take to attempt a lasting repair. Are both of them capable and willing to commit to that process? The repair process, if decided upon, can be done with the therapist of their choice. 

For more information about Discernment Counseling go to the Cielsa Beeler Website in which I am consulted on the process.

For more about Discernment counseling click here. (Northwestern Family Institute) 





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