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Coping with Health Difficulties

I'd like to help you weather the storm. 

When unexpectedly strong waves come in, the natural reaction is to find a ledge on which to stay dry.

When that isn't possible, panic can set in and rob of us of our rational decision making. We need our rational competencies to get other opinions, to educate ourselves, to plan and to chose.  The "why me?" phase is not only unhelpful and isolating but often leads to a domino effect - with one medical concern setting us up for the next one as our overall strength is seriously eroded. 

What if the best way out is IN? Seeking answers from within look like naming our worst fears, understanding we would do better with more help and learning relaxation tools that allow our nervous systems to experience hope.  Talking about this inner work is like being handed a flashlight in the dark forest. Helpful yes. But it is you that chooses to walk forward and through the uncertainty. 

As you walk forward your desire for health and curiosity about what your own healing  process will look and feel like will keep you moving.  You will test your capabilities in a way that is realistic for you. I will offer  an approach grounded in the science around mindset and healing.  You will find it easier than perhaps anticipated to experience  that the chemistry of hopefulness leads to a body more able to heal. The body is intelligent and advantages us in our efforts to stay afloat. You will find for yourself through guided experiences that chronic anxiety undermines that natural buoyancy.   

My healthcare provider referred me to you. How can you be of help? 

I work with clients across the life span who have health issues that are interfering  with their daily lives.  I am a Medicare provider if that is an insurance you use.  I use evidence-based treatments such as Cognitive behavioral therapy and specialized training in chronic pain and insomnia. Together we will build a plan that supports your daily energy level and emotional strength. 

We have always known that our emotional states and our physiology are very intimately linked.  Our current understanding of the dynamic feedback loops between mind and body reveals a  deeply foundational interplay.  It's understandable that our language sometimes lags behind this reality. In building a healing awareness, each of finds our own way to this truth. 


Pain Reprocessing Therapy Practitioner, 2022-A system of psychological techniques that retrains the brain to break the cycle of chronic pain. 

Empowered Relief, 2021- Certified Clinician Instructor - Stanford University based Pain education 





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