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Children and Teens Counseling

Parenting is hard. Some days are harder than others and at times it can seem like that for every fun moment, there is an exhausting one. Hard days can leave you feeling overwhelmed. Especially if emotions have been running too high in your home. Maybe there is a big transition about to take place in your family's life. Or something difficult has happened and extra support is needed. 

I help your child or teen navigate difficult life events and manage serious anxiety and anger.  All by coming alongside parents to create a custom plan based on development and neurological research.  

What I am offering is not a quick fix but an invitation to come on a journey to better understand and to connect in a more meaningful way.  A way that will empower your family with tools to build a lasting relationship with your child or teen. No need to   remain frustrated.  I have helped hundreds of children, teens and families get unstuck. Give me a call today and together we can find a way to best help your child or teen.

I have years of experience in offering divorce support to children and teens.  An additional offering available to teens is Walk and Talk Therapy.   This healthy approach is especially welcomed by teens that need to move or prefer less eye contact.  I enjoy seeing many of my teen clients relax into our relationship through the seasons. 





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