The Family Stress Clinic

The Family Stress Clinic

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"We are live in the shelter of each other" Irish saying

Our joys and our hurts are embedded in family. Since 1996 I have had the privilege  of working with hundreds of families in ways known to be effective. Here I share several processes that give us a structure in which to work confidently to achieve the goals you have agreed upon.  


Discernment Counseling

Discernment counseling is a process for couples to decide if they want to work more intensively on their marriage or if they believe divorce is the best option for them. Discernment counseling is a time-limited process(1-5 sessions). With my support, each partner examines their willingness to commit to repair and explores what might be their own contributions to the current situation. Each session is divided between individual time and meeting in a joint conversation.  At the end of each session, each partner decides if they want to continue the process. If the couple decides to separate or divorce, they are offered referrals to Mediators and/or collaboratively-oriented Family Law Attorneys. For more about Discernment counseling click here

Family Therapy 


What makes me different ? As a School Social Worker for 16 years, I developed an ability to help children and  adults express their feelings and learn coping skills. My Mediation background allows me to be creative in engaging the whole family in working together towards shared goals.

Entering a new level of school, be it elementary, middle or high school can be a sad, confusing and scary time.  Additionally, perhaps there has been a divorce or a blended family is being formed. Behavior is very much language for kids. Often they are trying to tell us something in the only way they know how-by acting  out.

I would like to help your family "tune-up" and recharge. In a free 15 minute phone call, we will clarify your family's needs and priorities.  Skills necessary to implement the plan will be practiced in session and reviewed for feedback from the family members.  I have yet to meet a family that did not say that they benefited from this process.  Family members shift from feeling overwhelmed to instead being a valued team member in addressing what concerns everyone.    

Difficult Conversations & Family Mediation 


There are expected transitions like becoming an empty nester, or planning for aging-in-place. Unexpected decisions can be forced on us by chronic illness or having  to fill the role of Caregiver suddenly.  Perhaps your family wants to plan preventively for eventualities that worry them. Families find that committing to intentionally exploring upcoming changes makes coping with them immeasurably better. 

Elder mediation provides a forum for family decision-making. It is private, confidential and completely voluntary. I facilitate a purposeful and directed conversation in which family members are encouraged to express their interests and concerns. Our meetings are informal and are held in locations that meet your family's needs, my office, your home or a group living facility. 

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