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Men Therapy Session

The Voice of Children and Young Adults 

What makes me different? As a School Social Worker for 16 years, I developed an ability to help children and young adults express their feelings and learn coping skills. I have special training on the impact of separation and divorce on children and work closely with many blended families -including my own.

A neutral place to sort out feelings

With your permission, I will meet with your children and provide them a neutral space to explore and clarify their feelings as changes occur. You know their needs best and want to shield them from Court by using cooperative problem-solving as parents. We can determine in a free consultation if your family is a good fit for mediation.


Due to the rapid pace of most family's lives, it is easy to underestimate the impact of loss on our children. It could be a big loss like separation or divorce or it may be an accumulation of smaller losses. This canBroken Heart, Separation/Divorce be a sad,confusing and scary time for a child.  Behavior is language for kids. Often they are trying to tell us something in the only way they know how-by acting it out. 

Building a Shared Parenting Toolkit  

I see parents who want to lessen the impact of separation their children. Sadly they are often swept away in emotions and difficult logistics. I am convinced that most of us could do more if we just paused long enough. Parents need help developing a relationship that supports the creation of two households that work together yet respect differences. Whether you are contemplating separation, beginning a divorce or have been in conflict for years, it is never too early or too late to enhance your shared parenting relationship. You will learn strategies tailored to your individual needs including:

  • Typical child developement and how children react at different ages to parental separation and/or conflict.

  • Common shared parenting pitfalls and how to correct.

  • Opportunities to rehearse difficult conversations with your child.

Our Children have figured out we are not perfect. They are forgiving when they see real efforts at change. Why not show them that adults step forward to make past mistakes right? Isn't this what we expect from them?  Don't be discouraged if your ex-spouse is unable to attend. If you change, the relationship will change. At this point you may have decided that waiting  for your partner is not working.