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Men Therapy Session


Linda Sheehan is a private Mediator providing an array of services that support families through every stage of the difficult process of separating. Linda believes strongly in a family’s right to minimise court involvement at this vulnerable time. Both a long-time School Social Worker and non-practicing Certified Public Accountant, Linda is uniquely qualified to help working families build realistic Parenting Plans. Linda is based in Grayslake,Illinois. She mediates separating couples,with a specialty in providing help to children. Ask her about free family mediation information sessions. READ MORE
What impact will this Separation have on us?
Rarely do people come to these decisions lightly. The outcome will depend on the choices that you make now. Legal Representatives are generally unable to give you any estimate of the cost or length of time it will take. It is important to consider the emotional cost as well. Once you enter the court system, it takes over. If you can not come to an agreement, the Court will decide how your children and property will be shared between you.   
How can Family Mediation help us?
Mediation allows you to stay in control of the process yet does not eliminate the benefit of getting the advice of Attorneys. It generally costs a small fraction of the cost of litigation and positions you well to Coparent effectively.
How will our Children fare?
We know from 40 years of family Research that the level of conflict in a child's home is the most accurate predictor of how they will do in later life. Shared Parenting that is calm and positive leads to better outcomes for all concernedREAD MORE
What if we are not sure we want to take this big step?
If you hoped for years that your relationship will get better, you need to do more than just hope. There is an option that can address uncertainity. Structured Separation leaves the door open for a time period that is mutually agreed by the two of you. Structured separation is not therapy and is not appropriate if either person is certain that they no longer want to be a couple.